Location and Overview

Nestled along the shores of Lake Erie in northeastern Ohio, Timberlake is a charming village that embodies the serene beauty of waterfront living. With the postal code 44095, Timberlake offers residents and visitors a picturesque escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Information can be found here.

Scenic Lakefront Living

Timberlake’s prime location along the Lake Erie shoreline makes it a haven for those seeking waterfront living. The village is renowned for its stunning lake views, peaceful beaches, and water-based recreational activities such as boating, fishing, and swimming. See here for information about Mayfield Heights, Ohio: A Suburban Gem in the Buckeye State.

Small-Town Charm

With a population of around 700 residents, Timberlake exudes a small-town charm that fosters a close-knit community. Its quaint streets, friendly neighbors, and local businesses contribute to the village’s inviting atmosphere.

Education and Services

Timberlake falls within the jurisdiction of the Riverside Local School District, providing access to quality education for its residents. The village also offers essential services and amenities, ensuring the well-being of its community.

Natural Beauty and Parks

Nature enthusiasts will appreciate Timberlake’s commitment to preserving its natural beauty. The village boasts scenic parks, green spaces, and walking trails, inviting outdoor enthusiasts to explore the lush surroundings.

Preservation and Future

Timberlake, Ohio 44095, embraces its history while looking towards the future. The village values its identity as a lakeside gem and strives to maintain its unique character and community spirit.


Timberlake, Ohio 44095, offers a tranquil lakeside lifestyle, abundant natural beauty, and a warm community atmosphere. Whether you seek a peaceful retreat or a place to call home, Timberlake’s scenic shores and small-town charm make it a captivating destination in the Buckeye State.