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Ethan Crossing Addiction Treatment Indianapolis, Indiana


About Ethan Crossing Indianapolis

When you are looking for a trusted and reliable Behavioral Health treatment center or a Substance use disorder treatment center in Indianapolis, Ethan Crossing is a treatment center you can count on. The unique architecture of our center was designed to focus on patient privacy and safety, to allow for the optimal environments to begin the recovery and healing journey.

We provide a variety of addiction treatment programs that are housed in separate hospital wings for acute psychiatric inpatient treatment and medically monitored detox to meet the community’s needs.  The centralized team at Ethan Crossing will support you every step of the way through your individual journey. From our trained and qualified staff to our contemporary healing spaces, we set our guests up for achieving their goals of sustainable recovery. This program was inspired by the life of Ethan … a mission to connect with people.

Outpatient Programs For Mental Health And Substance Use

Besides our inpatient facilities, we continue supporting the recovery journey with our in-depth and thorough outpatient programs to follow up when you are ready to experience your new perspective on the world.

Inpatient Services

Our expert staff does a full evaluation when an individual comes to Ethan Crossing Recovery to determine the best fit level of care. We offer all of the services needed right on our Indianapolis campus but separated from each other to ensure the focus is on the individual and their needs.

Substance Use Detox

The first step in addiction recovery and away from our other inpatient facilities, our clients can go through the detox process while being attended to by our licensed and qualified medical team and support staff.

Acute Psychiatric Inpatient

Even without a history of substance abuse, Ethan Crossing is here to help. Housed in a separated wing of the building we offer round-the-clock care and hospitalization for adults experiencing a behavioral health crisis.

Residential Substance Abuse Treatment

With our residential substance use treatment we can give you the tools to begin to manage your addiction and identify and address any contributing factors to ensure that the likelihood of relapse is reduced. This intensive treatment option is ideal for patients who will benefit from a longer structured care setting and can include dual diagnosis treatment options.


What People Say

When it comes to reliable and trusted behavioral health and addiction treatment, NewVista and Ethan Crossing provides treatment you can trust.

Treatment Programs

The Recovery Process

At Ethan Crossing Recovery, our mission is to help you stop using drugs or alcohol and without pain and help you achieve lifelong recovery. We provide many different individualized treatment options to help you accomplish this goal so that you can achieve the best recovery possible. Overall, the Ethan Crossing mission is to inspire hope, restore your peace of mind, and heal lives. Our recovery center, along with our professional and caring staff, is committed to helping you or a loved one on your path to recovery.

Step 1: Inspiring Hope

We will walk you through the first steps of recovery which will inspire the hope for the rest of your journey. These steps may include detox, a medical assessment, and an individualized treatment plan.

Step 2: Restoring Peace of Mind

Therapy will be a huge part of restoring your peace of mind throughout your addiction recovery process. We focus on providing each of our clients with a consistent delivery of care, which includes both group psychotherapy and individual daily therapy.

Step 3: Healing Lives

By completing our inpatient or outpatient treatment programs, you will learn how to overcome addiction and live a healthy lifestyle. After treatment, our goal is to help you stay sober. Above all, we want you to be able to make the tough decisions that you will have to make to maintain a sober lifestyle.

We are proud to be an Accredited Treatment Center by the Joint Commission


Levels of Care

First Step
Individual Assessment
It is helpful to know when you or a loved one should seek treatment for addiction at an addiction treatment center. Of course, you cannot know when it’s time to seek treatment unless you know what signs to look for.
First Step
The Road To Recovery
Medical Detox
Medical detox is a supervised detoxification program. A medical team is present 24/7 to help someone manage their withdrawal symptoms and monitor their physical and emotional health. Many substances lead to a dangerous detox so our medical teams are prepared to handle emergencies. Medications are administered to alleviate symptoms and keep someone from having an emergency.
The Road To Recovery
Continue Recovery
Upon successful completion of detox, many people move into residential care. This is when people use therapies to get to the root of their problem and help them heal. This includes private psychotherapy and group therapy. We teach them new coping skills and essentially prepare them for life outside of a rehab setting.
Continue Recovery
Flexible Options
Partial Hospitalization (PHP)
For some people, the next step is partial hospitalization. This is where they spend the day at our facility and partake in our therapies and groups. We continue helping them with coping skills and healing from past issues. We also work on aftercare planning for when they no longer need to be in a facility. Each night, the person goes home and each morning they are submitted to a substance screening.
Flexible Options
Personalized Support
Intensive Outpatient (IOP)
Intensive outpatient is for those who have left partial hospitalization and need a strong outpatient program. They come several times a week for group therapies, personal psychotherapy, and other support groups as needed. We also check in with them on how their new life is going and help them overcome issues that sometimes arise.
Personalized Support
Conveniently located
As a participant in our outpatient program at Ethan Crossing Recovery, you will receive care while still living at home. You will be able to meet your daily responsibilities while you are receiving treatment. Ideally, you will report each day for an individual therapy program, counseling, and support. In the evening, you will return home. This helps our patients maintain a good balance of therapy and their own personal lives. It also helps them to incorporate what they are learning in therapy in the real-life situations that they face every day.
Conveniently located
Post Recovery
Once people have completed our programs, we have alumni care. Support groups continue to ensure that each person has a supportive network in their lives. This may be special events or a 12-step group.
Post Recovery
Frequently Asked Questions

What To Expect

What happens in our outpatient programs? Our patients participate in both individual therapy and group therapy sessions and can also receive medical care as necessary. For those who struggle with co-occurring disorders, we offer specialized anxiety and depression programs as well.

In addition, we offer a number of health and wellness services in our recovery center. Nutrition education, a fitness center, and yoga and meditation can all help you become your healthiest, strongest self. If you’re ready to take back your life from addiction, reach out to our rehab center today.

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