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Ethan Crossing Addiction Treatment Cleveland, Ohio


About Ethan Crossing - Cleveland

At Ethan Crossing, our focus is on long-term, sustainable recovery. We offer every tool our clients need to prevent relapse and make lasting changes. Each of our therapists is fully certified and has undergone extensive training to provide a high level of quality care. We combine innovative therapy with passionate care to provide comprehensive treatment for addiction and mental health disorders. We believe that everyone deserves a shot at recovery. As such, we provide the path to full recovery through drug and alcohol detox programs, men’s rehab programs and women’s rehab programs, and aftercare programs.

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Our Approach To recovery

Evidence-based treatment is an approach to care that involves practices grounded in ongoing patient observation, scientific research, and peer-reviewed study. These methods have proven to be effective in helping patients recover from addiction. Evidence-based treatment allows us to assess your clinical needs, make an accurate diagnosis, and apply for the right addiction therapy programs. Although we do offer additional types of addiction treatment programs, such as holistic therapy, this approach is still at the forefront of our programs.

Addressing Individual Needs In Treatment

For many, addiction and mental health issues go hand-in-hand. Anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and other mental health conditions might arise as a result of substance abuse, or they might cause some individuals to turn to drugs and alcohol to cope. Our dual diagnosis programs help those who are struggling with co-occurring disorders by offering simultaneous treatment. This can lead to more positive long-term outcomes and reduce the risk of relapse.

Treatments We Offer

At Ethan Crossing Recovery Center of Cleveland, we believe in a medical and clinical approach to recovery that addresses the entire individual. We provide evidence-based therapy with medication and continuing support through our aftercare and alumni programs while encouraging a 12-step model for relapse prevention. Cognitive-behavioral therapy Dialectical behavior therapy Trauma therapy Motivational interviewing Individual counseling Group Therapy and more..

About The Facility (Amenities)

Our drug and alcohol rehab center in Cleveland has the capacity to treat more than 200 clients in residential and outpatient programs. We offer a peaceful, supportive environment in which our clients can focus on their journeys to recovery. We have a state-of-the-art fitness center, secluded private courtyards, comfortable rooms, and dedicated men’s and women’s residential units and a 4 star chef.


What People Say

When it comes to reliable and trusted behavioral health and addiction treatment, NewVista and Ethan Crossing provides treatment you can trust.

Treatment Programs

The Recovery Process

At Ethan Crossing Recovery, our mission is to help you stop using drugs or alcohol and without pain and help you achieve lifelong recovery. We provide many different individualized treatment options to help you accomplish this goal so that you can achieve the best recovery possible. Overall, the Ethan Crossing mission is to inspire hope, restore your peace of mind, and heal lives. Our recovery center, along with our professional and caring staff, is committed to helping you or a loved one on your path to recovery.

Step 1: Inspiring Hope

We will walk you through the first steps of recovery which will inspire the hope for the rest of your journey. These steps may include detox, a medical assessment, and an individualized treatment plan.

Step 2: Restoring Peace of Mind

Therapy will be a huge part of restoring your peace of mind throughout your addiction recovery process. We focus on providing each of our clients with a consistent delivery of care, which includes both group psychotherapy and individual daily therapy.

Step 3: Healing Lives

By completing our inpatient or outpatient treatment programs, you will learn how to overcome addiction and live a healthy lifestyle. After treatment, our goal is to help you stay sober. Above all, we want you to be able to make the tough decisions that you will have to make to maintain a sober lifestyle.

We are proud to be an Accredited Treatment Center by the Joint Commission


Levels of Care

First Step
Individual Assessment
It is helpful to know when you or a loved one should seek treatment for addiction at an addiction treatment center. Of course, you cannot know when it’s time to seek treatment unless you know what signs to look for.
First Step
The Road To Recovery
Medical Detox
Medical detox is a supervised detoxification program. A medical team is present 24/7 to help someone manage their withdrawal symptoms and monitor their physical and emotional health. Many substances lead to a dangerous detox so our medical teams are prepared to handle emergencies. Medications are administered to alleviate symptoms and keep someone from having an emergency.
The Road To Recovery
Continue Recovery
Upon successful completion of detox, many people move into residential care. This is when people use therapies to get to the root of their problem and help them heal. This includes private psychotherapy and group therapy. We teach them new coping skills and essentially prepare them for life outside of a rehab setting.
Continue Recovery
Flexible Options
Partial Hospitalization (PHP)
For some people, the next step is partial hospitalization. This is where they spend the day at our facility and partake in our therapies and groups. We continue helping them with coping skills and healing from past issues. We also work on aftercare planning for when they no longer need to be in a facility. Each night, the person goes home and each morning they are submitted to a substance screening.
Flexible Options
Personalized Support
Intensive Outpatient (IOP)
Intensive outpatient is for those who have left partial hospitalization and need a strong outpatient program. They come several times a week for group therapies, personal psychotherapy, and other support groups as needed. We also check in with them on how their new life is going and help them overcome issues that sometimes arise.
Personalized Support
Conveniently located
As a participant in our outpatient program at Ethan Crossing Recovery, you will receive care while still living at home. You will be able to meet your daily responsibilities while you are receiving treatment. Ideally, you will report each day for an individual therapy program, counseling, and support. In the evening, you will return home. This helps our patients maintain a good balance of therapy and their own personal lives. It also helps them to incorporate what they are learning in therapy in the real-life situations that they face every day.
Conveniently located
Post Recovery
Once people have completed our programs, we have alumni care. Support groups continue to ensure that each person has a supportive network in their lives. This may be special events or a 12-step group.
Post Recovery
Frequently Asked Questions

What To Expect

When substance abuse or mental health issues become too much for an individual to handle, entering a residential substance abuse treatment program may be the best way for them to heal. Residential rehab gives patients space and time to address their issues.

Our admissions and treatment teams are available 24/7.

Ethan Crossing Recovery asks that you please bring the following items with you to our inpatient rehab center. We have a full overview on our What To Bring page, but here is a quick overview:

  • Photo ID
  • Health Insurance Card
  • Prescription card (if applicable)
  • Valid credit card
  • Any medications you currently take in the original prescription bottle. Current Medication List (including OTC other the counter meds and inhalers)
  • Non-prescription medications such as vitamins must be in unopened packages
  • 1 weeks work of seasonally appropriate and comfortable clothes
  • Non-revealing clothing
  • Undergarments and socks
  • Pajamas
  • A sweater or jacket
  • One pair of slip-on shoes
  • Tennis shoes for gym

Optional Items:

  • Smokers can bring up to two unopened cartons of cigarettes
  • Sealed toiletries
  • Unopened makeup

What Should I Leave At Home? (Prohibited Items)

Please do not bring the following items with you to rehab. These items include but are not limited to:

  • Alcohol/Drugs
  • Weapons
  • Lighters
  • Food/Drink
  • Mouthwash
  • Cologne
  • Clothing with drug-related references and offensive language
  • Electronics

The timeframe is dependent on your specialized need. Detox can last anywhere from 5-12 days depending on what substance or substances you or withdrawing from. The average length of stay for residential is 30 days.

As a behavioral health-minded facility we treat many different mental health conditions as long as substance use disorder is the primary diagnosis. 

Patients discover how their addiction impacts not just themselves but those around them. They learn how to identify triggers, avoid risky situations, and cope with cravings. Most importantly, as their body heals, they will work through our therapeutic services. They will find new and effective ways to manage their emotional distress and improve their mental health. Ethan Crossing Recovery offers comprehensive care for drug and alcohol addiction, as well as related mental disorders.



Within treatment, patients will have the opportunity to explore several different kinds of therapy. As your counselor or therapist works with you, you may discover certain kinds of therapy produce better or more effective results than others. For instance, some of the therapies we provide include:

We also offer multiple levels of care so we are able to help individuals no matter what stage of the addiction cycle they are in.

During our residential program, our patients will gain the support of the communities that they will become a part of. Individuals are able to interact with others who are undergoing similar issues. Therefore, they learn new coping mechanisms, gain and provide support, and develop a sense of shared struggle. Often, knowing that they are not alone in experiencing the challenges and triggers in confronting substance abuse allows our patients to focus their energy and effort on their recovery. Also, group therapy lays the foundation for how to find and take part in supportive communities after treatment is complete.

Another focus of our program is our dual diagnosis treatment program for co-occurring disorders. Frequently, patients develop substance use disorder due to an underlying mental health issue like anxiety, depression, or PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). When this happens, patients need treatment through our depression treatment program and our anxiety treatment program for both their addiction to drugs or alcohol and their mental health issue. Without addressing both conditions simultaneously, patients are very likely to relapse.

Make the decision to begin healing - call us today to get started.

At Ethan Crossing, we believe in healing the whole person. Our treatment modalities are patient-centered, where a patient has a voice in their care. We also provide trauma-informed care so that we can get to the root of the problem and set up a patient for lifelong recovery. Contact us today to learn more.

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