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One out of every eight adults struggles with some type of addiction. Substances classified by the DEA as schedule 1,2,3 4 and 5 are the most commonly abused substances since they can easily lead to chemical dependency. Whether you are struggling with opioid, meth, cocaine, or alcohol addiction, the Ethan Crossing program by NewVista Health will help you recover. We provide the resources and addiction treatment programs you need for sustainable recovery.

It’s common for individuals who are struggling with substance use disorders to not realize or acknowledge that they need help. Addiction and dependence can develop slowly over time. And substances like alcohol or prescription drugs can be highly addictive. It’s possible to develop a dependency on these substances even if you think that you’re using them safely. Finding an addiction treatment center that offers personalized treatment plans and can help with co-occurring mental health disorders can make a difference. At NewVista we provide the professional drug and alcohol detox and compassionate support, including aftercare, that you need to heal.


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