Behavioral Health Treatments


Mental health services are modalities we provide that help support people with mental illness. We offer assessments for those who have never been diagnosed but suspect there is an issue. Once assessed we create an individualized treatment plan.

How We Help Manage Mental Health Concerns

We approach mental health issues with the patient in mind. After an assessment, we create a treatment plan that includes:

  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Group therapies
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical-behavioral therapy
  • Art therapy 
  • Speech therapy (if needed)

How We Treat Mental Health Issues?

Individual psychotherapy
Group therapies
cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
Dialectical-behavioral therapy
Art therapy
Speech therapy (if needed)

Service Areas

First Step
Psychiatric Assessment
Your loved one will be assessed by a psychiatrist that specializes in understanding the treatment needs of our senior population. Current emotional, functional and medication needs will be evaluated and addressed during the inpatient stay.
First Step
The Road To Recovery
Individualized Treatment Plan
Our team will work with you and your loved one to establish a plan of care that is both comprehensive and effective. We do this on a one on one basis, as well as in a treatment team setting. After our initial assessment, we will establish both short and long term goals that support both the ongoing behavioral health needs and the individual patient and family preferences and goals.
The Road To Recovery
Assessment & Monitoring
24/7 Nursing Care
Nurses are available 24/7 to provide support, education and structure to the unit population, monitor the medication and care needs of your loved one, and supervise treatment programming. A nurse is available for questions in person during all visitation times and via the phone after hours.
Assessment & Monitoring
Medication Management
Our medical staff includes both psychiatry and internal medicine providers with geriatric specialty training. They work together to provide for the physical and behavioral needs of your loved one. After conducting a comprehensive assessment, the best medication to treat the presenting symptoms will be prescribed. Education and monitoring related to medications is provided by our providers, on site pharmacist and nurses.
Symptom Management
Assessments are conducted three times a day to ensure that symptoms and behaviors are managed with the most current information and stats.
Nutritional Consulting
NewVista Health and Wellness provides three nutritious meals a day as well as 3 scheduled snacks. A registered dietitian will evaluate special dietary restrictions and needs to ensure ongoing nutritional support.
Stress Reduction
Theraputic Intervention
Over 5 hours of therapeutic treatment and recreation therapy is scheduled daily. Our team focuses on increasing coping skills, reducing behaviors that limit socialization and exercise and recreation therapy to maintain the highest level of patient functioning. We have exercize therapy groups and expressive therapy where we strive to increase phsyical endurance and cognitive functioning.
Stress Reduction
Support System
Family Participation
We value and encourage feedback and participation from families, and other supportive individuals, to maintain social connections and supports
Support System
Aftercare Coordination
Discharge Planning
Our care coordinators work with family preferences and referring facilities to ensure a comprehensive and supportive discharge plan. Planning takes into consideration patient and family preferences as well as the treatment needs of the individual. For more information, ask to speak to one of our care coordinators.
Aftercare Coordination
Frequently Asked Questions

What To Expect

  • Is Visitation Allowed?

    Visitation is offered daily. Please contact the facility directly for the specific visitation policy.

  • What You Can Bring?

    We want our patients to feel comfortable and at home during their stay at . We suggest bringing:

    • Patient’s health insurance and prescription card and all information pertaining

    • Current medications including OTC meds and inhalers. If possible, these will be sent home after verification.

    • Five sets of comfortable clothing including underwear and socks, several pairs of pajamas or nightwear, a sweater or jacket, and one pair of comfortable slip-on shoes.

    • Washers and dryers are available on the unit for washing clothes. No clothing should have strings or ties including shoes.

    • A pillow (all linens are provided).

    • Toiletries such as hair products (comb, brush), oral care (toothbrush, toothpaste alcohol-free mouthwash, denture cup, and denture cleaner), eye care (contact lenses, cleaning solution, case, eyeglasses), non-aerosol deodorant, soap, special use lotions. ( can supply some forgotten toiletries.)

    • A small amount of jewelry including a wedding band, post earrings, and necklaces. Please be aware that NewVista is not responsible for the loss or theft of these items.

    Patients may bring the following items, however, they will be staying in the personal belongings locker and permitted to be used during assigned times and under supervision:

    • Cosmetics

    • Books/Puzzle Books

  • What should I leave home?

    Upon admission, we ask that our patients surrender or not bring:

    • Devices such as computers, iPads, Kindles, iPod,s or anything that can access the internet • Radios, TVs, CD or tape players, handheld video games, or recording devices

    • Cell phones. If you have a cell phone with you, we will keep it in the safe until you are discharged.

    • Items containing alcohol or illicit drugs

    • Weapons, guns, knives, ammunition, scissors, sharp metal or glass objects. NewVista reserves the right to determine if certain objects are considered weapons and therefore dangerous to patients or staff

    • Picture frames (pictures are permitted)

    • Clothing items displaying logos of drugs or alcohol or images conveying drugs or alcohol

    • Food and drink items

    • Tobacco products

    • Aerosol sprays, flammable liquids, lighters, or matches

    • Pornographic materials

    •Rope, string, or yarn (shoes with strings are permitted)

    • Spiral or wire-bound notebooks

    • Hosiery

    • Nail polish, files, or nail polish remover

  • Never permitted

    For the safety of all patients during their stay at facilities, the following items are not permitted on the hospital unit:

    • Outside food, candy or gum

    • Cell Phones

    • Handheld video games

    • Radio, TV’s, CD players, tape players, PDA or laptops

    • Glass, metal, or hard plastic objects or containers

    • Aerosol sprays or flammable liquids

    • Lighters or matches

    • Guns, knives, weapons, ammunitions

  • Is there a dress code?

    Acceptable Attire

    Patients are required to dress appropriately.  No headphones are to be used. No hats or sunglasses are to be worn.  Clothing is required to be clean without obscene words, gestures, pictures, or alcohol or drug-related content.  Provocative and distractive clothing is also prohibited.  Undergarments are also required.

    We are not responsible for lost or missing items that you retain in your possession.   We ask that you send all valuables home and limit the amount of money in your possession to less than $20.  Lastly, please limit the amount of jewelry you wear or valuables you choose to keep with you.

  • Can I use my cell phone?

    Patients who choose to call loved ones have the ability to do so by signing up on a call sheet that is kept at the nurse’s station.

    Phone calls are not permitted after 8 pm.

  • What kind of therapies can I expect to participate in?

    We offer a wide range of specialty therapies that are led by qualified professionals in order to meet the needs of all of our clients. We stay informed on the latest proven techniques and incorporate new therapeutic treatments regularly.

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