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Do You Have An Alcohol Or Drug Addiction?

Have you ever wondered if you have an alcohol addiction? If you think you might have a problem with addiction or if you have thought about seeking professional rehab services, consider taking our self-assessment quiz below. These questions will help you learn more about your alcohol habits and provide you with more insight into whether substance use treatment is right for you. Please note that our online self-assessment quiz is intended to be an informational tool only. It does not replace a professional evaluation by our staff.

Self Assessment Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Addiction Self Assessment Quiz

Have you ever felt like you should cut down on your substance use?(Required)
Have friends or family members expressed concern about your substance use?(Required)
In the last year, have you failed to fulfill any of your responsibilities because of substance use?(Required)
Does your substance use cause financial problems for you?(Required)
Have you ever participated in illegal activities related to your substance use (such as stealing money, driving while intoxicated, taking prescription medication that did not belong to you, lying to a doctor about medications)?(Required)
Have you ever experienced medical issues (blackouts, flashbacks, other physical symptoms) that you believe are related to your substance use?(Required)
Would you like to learn more about treatment options available near you?(Required)

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