Partial Hospitalization For Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment

What Is A Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)?

Partial hospitalization, (PHP), is a treatment option for mental health and addiction concerns. The patient lives at home during partial hospitalization, but journeys to a care facility up to seven days a week. The goal of partial hospitalization is to transition from inpatient care or utilize it in place of inpatient stays.

In the United States, partial hospitalization programs can be delivered in a hospital environment or by a free-standing community mental health clinic.

Group therapy, behavioral health educational groups, skill-building, individual therapy, and medication management may all be part of a normal day’s treatment.


(PHP) or partial hospitalization programs are a hybrid between inpatient rehab and an intensive outpatient program.

Partial Hospitalization Services

Some of the services involved in a PHP for addiction treatment are:

Medication management: When combined with behavioral treatment or psychotherapies, medication can aid in the promotion of abstinence by reducing cravings, inhibiting the rewarding effects of alcohol or certain substances, and controlling long-term withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, dysphoria, and insomnia.

Individual therapy: The person works one-on-one with a therapist or addictions counselor to address unhealthy behaviors and sustain abstinence.

Group counseling: Group counseling sessions are conducted by a certified mental health practitioner and tend to focus on one single topic or skill. Educational groups, relapse prevention, stress management, coping skills, life skills, recreational activities and team building, and family education and counseling are just a few of the topics covered.

Aftercare plans: Treatment teams prepare a client for release by developing an aftercare plan, which includes relapse prevention strategies like support groups, 12-step programs, sober living homes, and group or individual counseling.

Holistic therapies: Some PHPs may include holistic treatment options, such as yoga, meditation, nutrition, fitness programs, and art and music therapy.



How Long Does Treatment Take?

Partial hospitalization or day treatment program duration varies widely depending on the individual’s needs. Every PHP has a different method, and everyone is different.

The participant in a PHP will typically attend therapy five days a week for roughly four to six hours each day, then return home in the evening.

To maintain sobriety and stability after completing a PHP, a person may move to a typical outpatient treatment that meets 1-2 times per week.


Who Should Participate in a PHP?

People who may be good candidates for a PHP program:

  • Need a lot of personal attention from support team members daily, yet can stay clean outside of a rehab clinic.
  • Have finished a hospital or residential treatment program but are concerned about relapsing.
  • May have a hard time staying motivated to continue treatment.
  • Have been diagnosed with a co-occurring disorder (e.g., anxiety or depression in addition to a substance use disorder).
  • Live-in situations that put them at risk of using drugs and provide them with minimal support.
  • If you are currently in an IOP and you are not making ideal recovery progress.

PHPs can be accessed in a variety of ways.  Some are admitted after completing a hospital or residential program, a process called “step down.” Others choose partial hospitalization as a “step-up” therapy option. This is typical when someone has a relapse while in a less rigorous outpatient program, or when they are at risk of relapse due to a big life change or mental health symptoms.

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Cost and Payment

When it comes to seeking addiction therapy, the cost of treatment should not be one’s primary concern. Many of the top treatment institutions, however, take health insurance. Nevertheless, in order to get paid, one must first confirm that one’s insurer covers drug abuse therapy. One will also need to figure out if their insurance company will cover the program and services chosen. Some insurance and providers, for instance, cover treatment medicines like methadone and suboxone. It is necessary to check with one’s specific provider for further information.

The exact price of a PHP is determined by a number of factors, including:

  • Services and amenities provided by the location
  • The length of your stay and the level of care you receive are also factors to consider when determining your insurance coverage.

Prior to insurance payment, the average PHP will cost between $300 and $450 per day. Many insurances, on the other hand, will cover all or some of the therapies, lowering the out-of-pocket costs dramatically.

To discover how much the program will cost, verify your insurance.

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