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Is an intervention program the right decision for you and your family member who is using drugs and alcohol? There are often television shows and movies that portray these events. In real life, there are different challenges and often opportunities to work with. Whether or not you work with a professional for an intervention for your loved one, it is always critical that you learn what to do to get treatment for a loved one first. Ethan Crossing Recovery is here to help.

Finding The Right Treatment Program

It is very important to have treatment for a loved one already established before you commit to an intervention program. That is, you need to reach out to a treatment program to find out if they can help your loved one based on what you are telling them. Ensure there is availability. You also want to ensure that you understand the rules of the program.

When it comes to treatment for a loved one, we encourage you to turn to the Ethan Crossing team today for help. We offer a range of

treatment options, including:

Our team is here to help you with planning an intervention for family members and can give you the support you need to ensure this goes well. In many situations, you need that support to make the right decisions in an intervention program. Don’t wait until you don’t have the ability to help them.


Eight out of ten individuals choose treatment when family and friends present an intervention with treatment as an option.

Is an intervention the right option for you or a loved one?

Interventions are designed to create an opportunity for your loved one to get the help and support he or she needs right away from an alcohol detox center. Several things need to happen during an intervention:

  • You need to tell your loved one what their addiction has done to you.
  • Communicate, using facts, what the addiction has done to them. Provide details.
  • Discuss what treatment for a loved one will entail.
  • Tell them what the consequences are of not getting treatment.
  • Communicate the benefits of treatment secured right now and what that means for your relationship with them.

This is a hard process. Every promise you make is just that – a promise. If you do not hold up your end of the agreement, the outcome may not be effective. During an intervention program, then, be truthful with everyone involved.

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How To Set Up An Intervention For A Family Member

A component of the process of an intervention program is surrounding a person with the people who care the most for them. This is not something that just any family member or friend should be a part of but rather an intimate experience with those who are closest to them. That’s critical. Your loved one needs to know that every person sitting in front of them during an intervention program is authentic and truly cares.

Work with a professional to establish the intervention program. Work to ensure that you understand every step of the way what is going to happen. It is also important for you to know what can happen both ways – if they say yes to treatment or if they say no.

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Is an intervention program right for you? You don’t have to make a decision just yet. Instead, turn to our team at Ethan Crossing to learn how we can help. Find out if treatment for a loved one can help your loved one. An intervention for family members is a big step. We can help you get there. Learn more about how we can help by connecting with us online or calling now.

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