Cocaine: Detox Protocols, Procedures And Programs

The detoxification process is the natural way of removing harmful toxins from the body of a person who is very addicted to drugs. At this time, there will be a collection of treatments for acute intoxication and abstinence.  The goal of the detoxification process is to reduce the adverse impact of withdrawal symptoms while also making the process as pleasant and secure as possible. Successful detoxification is that which is medically aided and supervised by skilled professionals. Detox is a unique experience for each individual. However, some factors affect the detoxification process. They are: 
  • Amount of cocaine used at a time
  • How long one has been using cocaine
  • Purity of cocaine
  • The user’s health status
In addition, the manner in which an abuser stops using the substance affects the severity and duration of any possible withdrawal. Individuals who abruptly quit using the medicine may likely have more severe and prolonged withdrawal symptoms than those who reduce their dosage over time.  The above factors show that it could take a few days to recover. Though these factors may necessitate a longer detox timetable, it could be up to two weeks or even longer months. cocaine addiction