Does Cigna Health Insurance Cover Alcohol Or Drug Rehab?

Yes, Cigna does cover alcohol and drug rehab. Depending on your level of coverage, they will pay for part of all of your inpatient care. We have partnered with Cigna Health so that people can get in-network rates. Coverage can include substance abuse and dual-diagnosis, which is very common amongst those suffering from an addiction.

How to Check Cigna Coverage

You can easily reach out to Cigna and talk to someone there. They also have an online portal where you can look up your coverage, find providers, and make claims. We have simplified the process by providing a verification form you can use. Submit your information and we will let you know what is covered.





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What Will Cigna Insurance Cover?

Depending on the plan, Cigna may cover a range of treatments and services for substance use disorders, that may include:


Types of Addictions Cigna Typically Covers

With Cigna coverage for addiction treatment, you can expect that they will cover the major addictions that plague the country. Our partnership with Cigna allows us to treat you for almost anything you need help with.

Cigna may offer treatment coverage for the following addictions:

Is Rehab Confidential?

Laws stipulate that we cannot divulge your information to anyone, so yes we are confidential. You control who we speak to on your behalf and who is aware of your treatment. Insurance companies will require us to show proof that you have consented for coverage. After that, you must tell us who can know about your treatment and how much we can tell them.